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Military Sculptures

American Hero

FREE Engraving


1/3 OFF regular price

Price includes FREE engraving


Chili Cook off Trophies

Large Selection - Low Prices - Free Engraving - Same Day Shipping


Height 6"

Height- 6 1/2"


Height-6 1/4"


Height-5 3/4"

Silver engraving is also available. Simply ask for silver instead of gold.


Chilli Trophy

Trophy Heights: 1st Place:12.5" 2nd Place:11.5" 3rd Place:10.5" Toilet Trophy:6"


Item #:



Big Fella is over 2 inches taller and 2 inches wider than our standard chilli pot trophy (RC-463C).


Item #:



Includes ingraving for all 8 years.

(send plate back to us with self addressed stamped envelope each year)


Item #:

6 1/2"




Item #:

6 1/2"



Our new improved weighed plastic base made just for the chili trophy for your choice of either
Gold or Silver, or mixed engraving arranged as per your instructions

Last Place Champ

Item #:


Chili Cookoff
Resin Toilet Trophy

Nice Try Award

Item #:


Other suggestions:
Tough Luck Award Sportsmanship Award
or your own phrase

Check on the Chili Pots Lowered Prices
(Can substitute the BBQ Cooker for Chili Pots)

Our Chili Pot & Cooker Trophies have had an upgrade but our original low prices and fast service remain the same, plus we are offering reduced freight prices on ALL orders.
To order: Please e-mail us at:
Include: Item number, Engraving instructions, Shipping address, and Telephone number.
We will call to confirm your order.
All credit card orders are handled over the phone.(Guaranteed Safe)
Call 1-800-529-0089 or 1-605-225-3310

Super Large "Bonanza" Trophy

Because of multiple requests, we now have a Super Large, Chili Pot. The "Bonanza" Trophy stands 19" tall, and is ready to ship! view or Call 1-800-529-0089 for more detail
Click any Chili Pot Trophy to Enlarge

The All New Chili Queen! The All New Chili King!
Height 61/2"
RC-463 King
Height 7 1/4"
The Queen has our modified base producing a nice looking award at a very low price.
The Chili King's new look! The King (Front and Side View)(Diferent Fronts)
has black felt lining on the sloped sides to match the chili pot
making it look like it is sitting on it's throne.
The All New Cooker Queen! The All New Cooker King!
CT-Cooker Queen
Height 71/2"
CT-Cooker King
Height 8 1/2"
Our NEW King & Queen Cooker Trophies are the same as the King & Queen Chili
Trophies only with a larger Cooker Figure and our very low prices!
Improved Chili Pot
Chili Pot Trophy
Top Seller)
Improved Chili Pot Trophy Base

Item #: RC-463C

Height "4

Free Engraving
on all trophies

Item #: RC-463B

Base (4" x 4" x 2.25")
Height "6


Item #: RC-463A

Base (4.5" x 4.5" x 3.75 ")
Height "7.25

Free Engraving
on all trophies

Large Chili Pot Trophy
(Our Best Buy)
X-Large Chili Pot Trophy The Lone Ranger

Item #: RC-463BB

Base(4.75" x 4.75" x 3.5")
Height 7"


Item #: RC-463AA

Base(5.25" x 5.25" x 4 ")
Height 7.5"

"Just right for a traveling trophy"

Item #: RC-463Ranger

Instead of black brass with gold lettering we feature a black plate with silver lettering.

Base(4.75" x 4.75" x 3.5")
Height 7"

Price includes free engraving.

New High Gloss Piano Finish Bases "Beautiful"
New Small High Gloss Piano Base


Item #: RC-463G

Chilli Pot mounted on Base
( 4.25" x 4.25").

Total Height = 6.25"

Includes brass plate with free engraving.

New Medium High Gloss Piano Base

Item #:


Chilli Pot mounted on Base( 4.75" x 4.75").

Total Height =6.75"

Includes brass plate with free engraving.

New Large High Gloss Piano Base

Item #:



Chilli Pot mounted on Base( 5.25" x 5.25").

Total Height = 7.25"

Includes brass plate with free engraving.

Chef Resin Sculptures
RFB 324
RFB 328
RFB 066
Price includes free engraving.


ALL NEW "BBQ Cooker & Chili Pot Special"
(Free Engraving)

RC-461-8 (H-5 3/4")
RC-461-9 (H-6 ")
RC-461-10 (H-6 1/4")
RC-463-8 (H-5 3/4")
RC-463-9 (H-6 ")
RC-463-10 (H-6 1/4")
Click on Cooker or Chili Pot for larger View

Another example of the Bonanza trophy. Black Engraved Disc (inside the holder) can be customized with any simplified design or are exchangable with all standard Figurines.

Free Engraving

The Bonanza (Upgraded) 19" Tall
Larger Image



All new Mega Bonanza trophy. (adds a little spice to any Cook-Off) Black Engraved Disc (inside the holder) can be customized with any simplified design or are exchangable with all standard Figurines.

Free Engraving

Mega Bonanza 19" Tall
Larger Image

All new Mega Bonanza traveling trophy. Includes engraving for 7 events. Simply return plate with self addressed stamped envelope. Columns can be different patterns and/or colors.

Free Engraving
(for 7 events)

Mega Bonanza Traveling Trophy
19" Tall
Larger Image

To order Trophies: E-mail us (academytrophy@midconetwork.com), The Item number - Engraving Instructions - Shipping Address - Telephone number and we will call you to confirm your order and get your credit card info, OR CALL 1-800-529-0089.

Elegant Series

Signature Series™

School Mascots
Resin Sculptures, Other

Chili Cookoff

Eagle Trophy


Free Engraving on all custom orders!

We accept credit card orders over the phone at 1-800-529-0089 or, download our online order form.
*Minimum Order $15.00

This form requires Adobe Reader. Download it for FREE.

Prices on this site do not include shipping & handling. Call 1-800-529-0089 for shipping rates. Shipping by UPS or Parcel Post available.


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